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tv   ABC7 News 6 00PM  ABC  January 29, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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and messonic. that is where today's search unfolded with crime scene investigators and the fbi. we're live with details only on abc 7 news. vi. c? >> you can see the developo -- yellow crime tape but the search, which lasted most of the day is, over. they're looking for evidence in that house across the street. i was surprised as interviewing neighbors around here, how many people actually remembered kevin collins. >> i would be happy to hear that if this is the case it would be solved and give peace to the family. >> police closed off the swaurk. homicide inspectors and fbi agents went in and out of the house, two sources who acknowledged this investigation told abc 7 news
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that they believe a resident may have been responsible for the abduction. the 10-year-old boy disappeared almost three decades ago from this neighborhood, leaving basketball practice at aness school and waited for a bus down the street. the house which police searched is across the from the church school. a nationwide search ensued. his picture placed on milk cartons one of the first missing children to be publicize that had way. posters went up. thousands of tips poured into police and nothing materialized. decades went by. a new cold case unit began reviewing the case again. evidence led them to this hois, a person of interest interviewed during the investigation. police searched this home and found nothing. the cold case unit wanted a more thorough search. this afternoon a cadaver sniffing dog found something in the basement floor. crews began digging through
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the conkree. a crew from the medical examiner was called when bones were discovered in the ground. sources say a man named kelly lived in the house at that time. but that he has since died. michael sharp lived next door four decades and knew kelly and his roommate. >> never thought they'd do this. never. they never showed it. they were calm. and koom and everything. >> in trouble sf. >> none. >> so now, bones will be sent to the state lab for analysis to see if they're animal or human. by the way, our sources say inspectors, investigators believe that this man called kelly is the strongest suspect. >> the the abc 7 news i team brought an investigation to you into the case three months ago looking at other possible leads. dan noyes spoke with kevin's mother this afternoon. he's here with her reaction.
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she must be stunned. >> she's shaken and concerned there. have been many leads and ann collins does not want to go on camera. but she told me several things that were very interesting today, check out this map. you've seen the site is on messonic but across the street from the site today, the collins family rented an apartment to serve as kevin collins foundation, search headquarters ann told me she would wonder if kevin was buried in one of the basements >> part of me wants to know... what happened to him, you know? part doesn't. you're afraid to find out what was it. >> that is ann collins october of last year talking about her son, kevin who went missing february 10th1984. for ann, he's frozen in time. >> his brothers and sisters are grown up, he's still 10
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years old. >> the search was intense for a time. volunteers spanned out when the case made the cover of news week image skeerngs thousands of leads came in but never panned out. >> it's been 29 years. and other cases are being solved and maybe it's -- maybe it's time kevin will be. solved. >> ann told me what seemed to be a promising lead, someone spotted with kevin at the bus stop. >> two witnesses saw him standing near a man with a black dog. >> ann told me she remembers police tracked down the man with a black dog. he had a house in guerneville but also lived on messonic. >> that was the only witnesses remembering seeing thaim evening on that corner. >> sfpd investigators told me they hadn't worked the case in years. we don't know what led to the break in this case. did an old lead come through? did our reports inspire
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someone to call police? >> breaking news from san francisco dog patch neighborhood right now. sky 7 is live over the muni metro east yard. an suv collided with a bus. >> the driver tried running from the crash but was caught by police. you can see there is not much of a traffic impact in that area. a spokesman tells us there is no impact to train service, either. but we're on top of it. >> turning to our super bowl coverage. it's media day at super dome. >> yes. larry beil leads our coverage tonight live from new orleans. >> hi, dan. if you want definition of organized mayhem you're about to see pictures of it. you've got several thousand reporters. put them on a field with two football teams and say gentlemen, go for it that. is the essence of media day at the super bowl here in new orleans.vt]ñ this is a scene on the field,
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jim harbaugh having a good time there. we're down checking out ravens on the field. reporters got an hour with each team. some were dressing up in cost yumz. today, people asking goofy questions. players who have lots of personality thrive in this setting. >> my muscles are too big. >> hey, collin... there you go. >> oh! >> yeah. yeah. >> wruf got it. jim harbaugh spent an hour and this is the longest hour
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of my life. no plans to meet for lunch or dinner before that. >> if not it would be weird to have lunch or coffee with my fwrorj this week but we're both have our duties. duties and doing our jobs. that is what we're focused on. >> you have a brother? anybody who has a brother gets it you know? you grow up fighting for everything you know? you fight for girls and everything. you both got our girls but we need our victory this week. >> yes. >> former 49er and world champion joins me now. we saw a lot of guys on the field today. this is including you.
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>> that is right. i thought i'm in good shape. let's see if i can solicit interviews then talking to current 49ers who think they can get into broadcasting. so check it out. >> guys wants to interview me? >> you look like randy moss by the way. and you look like randy moss. >> some big names that are going to want to interview me and us. >> mike shumann? i mean... you talk about niner receivers. the catch, the grab. shu good to see you back at super bowl. >> it's great to be back. >> i've got 10 good routes left in me. >> shu you're still my hero. blue suedes shu. >> i want to you interview me.
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and how are you doing? >> and what is this that you can help turn players understand that will help them? >> question is way too long. but, generally, have fun. we appreciate your time. >> that is it?. >> yes. >> got interesting guys over here. >> it's true. >> just win, baby. someone just told me. >> that is other side. >> piece of cake? >> yes. >> that is right. you went to nebraska. >> you better be nice to me. when i'm gone nobody will know you played for 49ers. >> way to go. >> oh, yes. so a lot of fun. not easy as it looks.
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and crazy out there. >> another 84, randy moss proclaimed himself greatest of all time today. the news on alex smith, conclusion he's going to be playing for someone else. >> no question. 49ers aren't going to exercise that. norv turner is with cheif lnld. if they can't work a trade they'd thail cut him so he can hook up with another team as soon as possible. >> if smith had to win? >> that would be poetic justice. it's happen before. we'll see. >> that will wrap it up for now. and lab back later on in sports. >> thank you. love the bid out there. >> yes. >> good stuff. thank you for that. funny stuff. abc 7 news team will be live in new orleans through game
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day. tweeting great behind the scenes updates and retweeting highlights at abc 7 news bay area. >> turn to ourñ÷0bz
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update now on breaking news we first brought you on abc 7 news at 5:00. police say a stabbing suspect barricaded himself insifd a home. you can see the large response at the scene. the man accused of stabbing people down the street and tried to al you'd police by barricading himself insifd house plea, believe he set house on fire. they captured him as he was trying to sneak out of the back. >> officials addressing a spike in violent crime tonight. the drive by shooting of an
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8-year-old girl. and according to abc 7 news reporter nick smith, police chief says it highlights problems. violent criminals unafraid to fire a weapon any time, anywhere. oakland police and parole officers interviewed several adults at the same house where the 8-year-old girl was shot. police haven't given details but took a man into custody before they left the scene. >> we'll catch the shooter and are coming after you with resources and with deliberate speed. >> he called officers who served the city the last line of defense. his officers have been targeted and raising urgency to remove guns and those who use them from the streets. >> and if they're shoot being at officers it's likely they'll shoot at innocent people as well. >> last week, two officers
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were shot in the arm. >> defending the city against violence. >> an officer beaten and shot after being pulled from his car. he had been investigating a murder. police arrested two men for violations and say swun responsible for shooting officer in the arm and a second officer was shot in the leg. police arrested that shooter. to fight crime, police say they need witnesses to come forward. saying shortages present a separate challenge. >> people are like 20 staff short to be able to get to emergencies and you know, you stay online two hours, i'm sorry. couldn't get to you. there wasn't an officer available. >> police did not say if the pesh person had a connection to the shooting but did
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confirm he was wanted for outstanding parole violation. >> a bay area woman on a business trip to new hampshire was stabbed to death last night. the 70-year-old was a trustee of a new hampshire private school there for a board meeting. she was in the lobby of a hampton inn in littleton. a 37-year-old man stabbed her in the neck some for some reason. they arrested the man. friends describe her as a remarkable woman. who once served in the peace corps and u.s. forest service. >> always so community minded and a very kind person, loved traveling. she loved to fly mer than anything. i remember that. i'm so shocked. >> everyone is. she used her plane at petaluma airport to take medical supplies to those in need. >> a coyote is recoup
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righting -- recuperating tonight after being captured 10 days ago. it was found in the backyard in the mission district. animal being treated for an infection. wildlife experts asking for help in determining how she wound up in the city in the first place. >> that is odd. and let's talk about the weather forecast. another spectacular day around here its going to get warmer. >> yes. it is. january is in the middle of rainy season. that is what we have right now. just a fading glow now, after glow from sunset. occurred nearly an hour ago. clear skies at the moment. thin, high clouds. and you can see how clear of an evening we v no precipitation around. not much in the way of clouds, either. getting down to business to take a look at current readings.
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52 degrees in san francisco. 54 across the way. 50 up north in novato. on we go. forecast features will be clear, cool overnight tonight with chilly spots. sunny, mild tomorrow, this pattern stays with us throughout next week. low temperatures tonight. dropping into mid to upper 30s into the north bay. and east bay as well. near the coast we'll see lows from upper 30s to low 40s. and a huge massive ridge of high pressure is dominating our weather picture this, is forming a blocking ridge deflecting well north. so no weather disturbances will be making it to the bay area. clear skies. with circulation we do have thin, high clouds coming down from the north.
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just filtered sunshine. that is what we'll have tomorrow. high temperatures into low to mid-60s. 63 in santa clara peninsula, 61 degrees, 64 mountain view. coast, cooler. downtown a high of 60 to. 58 in the sunset district. mainly mid-60s. east bay highs reaching 63 degrees in oakland. inland east bay low to mid-60s. and near monterey bay, mid to upper 60s rather mild weather there as well. here is the accu-weather forecast. this pattern as mentioned will stay with us throughout the weekend. so low 6s on coast thursday and friday. saturday is
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groundhog day. if he sees a shadow, legend says six more weeks of winter, bring it on. sunday, super bowl sunday will be a loif day. >> thank you very much. >> just ahead niners fans having trouble making super bowl plan autos 49ers have come to the rescue of this
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a judge upheld a ban on public nudity. he ruled against advocates who challenged the ordinance. in his ruling chen said the ban does not violate the first amendment rights to freedom of speech and expression. the decision upset activists who challenged the new law. their attorney said skplints i are reviewing the rauling and considering an emergency appeal to the 9th circuit. >> winning a pair of tickets seemed like a dream come true for a fan but then, reality sank in. he got his tickets from jed york.
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he with went online to book a flight thr were sold out and hotel rooms were more than $2,000 sow called niners and received another e mail from the front office. this is what it said. >> we're working on getting you on the family plane, team charter. we're also working on a room as well. thanks we'll take care of you. pete malcolm. i just, i said, i have to -- i was in shock, again. >> ter yes has been to five previous super bowls this time taking a nephew to help him text, and tweet. >> what an experience good, for him. >> another happy ending for a woman who fell super bowl to a super bowl ticket scam. the fan wired $5900 for tickets she saw posted by a ravens fan this, is what sharon osgood got. a nasty note rooting for ravens.
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when ticket master heard about it, she will get to have breakfast with troy aiken. >> up next a follow up to the free side show. you'll hear from calls from the chp and from a tipster. >> and a stunner from sacramento tonight. number of californians who own guns illegally and why the state is virtually powerless to act. >> in new orleans what is this? >> this is just one meal serving
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the chp is getting a tremendous amount of help in efforts to track down drivers responsible for this scene on interstate 880. you'll hear from one who called in a crucial tip. abc 7 news is live with that.
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laura? >> this incident did spark a lot of outrage not only with investigators here at the chp but with public, investigators are hearing loud and cheer, from them. >> first i thought it was reckless. >> patrol says tips were coming in for people who know those involve ntd side show saturday afternoon. they included a dprail young man who doesn't want to be identified. and he says he wants to do the right thing. >> providing the name of the person who knew someone in the video in hopes that that might lead to figuring out the rest of the group. >> the patrol released recordings from saturday afternoon. >> they're swinging doughnuts into the middle of the
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building and it's blocked into traffic guys hanging out of the sun roof, other guys out of the windows of the cars. they have roads blocked. i guess it's road rage. >> where is this at, sir? >> 880 freeway. >> calls started streaming in, inundating the dispatch center. it is involving a half dozen cars and videos of the activity all over you tube and other social media. this is when city leaders thought they had this side show under control. in 2011 two were killed in a strot party. it turned into a side show. abc 7 news asked about the latest display. >> that is frustrating we'll see fits a long term trend or one time think.
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>> we've heard from members of car clubs. mike mack owns tps moat qlor sports in campbell. >> this is dangerous. we don't condone it. i believe mast majority of enthusists won't condole it. >> thanks to tips investigators here believe they're closing in on some but are waiting to make arrests until they can consult with the district attorney. they want to make sure they identify which charges apply. >> laura. thank you. the family of a man shot to death last month filed a $15 million civil rights lawsuit. the 22-year-old air stylist was killed in his home. the girlfriend was heard
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screaming. police say he was armed with a knife and charged at responding officers but the lawsuit claims argument ended and that an officer fired in a pan crick after hearing others trip and fall behind him. >> the battle over more gun control in california took a turn today at the alcohol. lawmakers learned state investigators know about people banned from owning firearms but have them, anyway. the state isn't doing anything about it. >> agents gave a message on how firmz are unlaw envelope california and ammunition that goes with them, then, californian who's aren't supposed to own guns do. the department of justice knows about them because the armed system has identified them.
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there is no money to confiscate weapon autos we ought to get those guns out of hands of people who are prohibited. how many people? how many guns? >> 19,000 people were identified in the system. that is our back dog. linked to 30,000 handguns. what would 50 law enforcement agents cost? >> california already has the toughest gun laws in the country. more aren't needed. >> we need enforcement of laws dealing with illegal use and purchase of firearms. >> still, lawmakers want to do more in light of the massacre like banning detachable magazines.
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encouraging to take on the national rifle association which didn't show up for the hearing. >> but what you have with nra is a powerful gun lobby with religious fervor. >> none of the laws will impact people who are one day normal, next day, insane and evil. >> 10 bills have been introduced in california. >> president obama laid out plans today to get americans 11 million undocumented immigrants on a path to citizenship. he held a rally in las vegas to call attention to his reform package. and says there is support to act on the proposal to allow those entering illegal a shot at becoming citizens. >> process it's clouds passing
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a background keck, paying taxes, a penalty, learning english, and then going to the back of the line. behind all folks who are trying to come here legally. >> this declaration was received warmly by immigration rights activists who have been waiting for the obama administration to take action n on the issue. the november election may have been key to moving forward. hispanics supported the president by a two to one margin. >> want to continue being part of the political process and want to win the white house back they need to make changes in terms of their agenda. >> republicans insist tighter border security must happen before movement on citizenship. >> coming up next, a sea change. >> thousands of radio stations about to pop up and you might be able to
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this is wild. just when you thought everything new was happening on the internet, thousands of radio stations are about to start popping up around your
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mf -- fm dial. >> welcome back. >> paul is living out a team. >> just listening to some beautiful music. >> he's a classical music dj on a tiny radio station. >> gives local content, you know? people to know are the community. >> it is among the first in a wave of new low power radio stations just legalized by the federal government. they're noncommercial. >> local school board races, city council in davis. not covered unless it happens from community media. >> tracy's group was set up to help nonprofits. the federal government will open a filing window to apply for a free low power broadcast license on any unoccupied
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channel. >> window will be a once in a lifetime opportunity this, sit. >> this map shows unused freak qens yeez most of them in these dark airs. and some big cities have them available. there would be 1500 available. >> that means pirate radio stations have a chance to be legal. >> it ka came out of a need for the community to broadcast themselves. >> every car has a radio. >> it's accessible medium. >> common frequency believes it's a local media. to keep them in local hands, groups have to apply for them. >> national broadcasters will be trying to set up changes. we feel like local communities need to take advantage of the community to keep them from happening. >> thank you for tuning in. see you next week.
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>> coming up, live coverage from new orleans. >> there will be lots of mouths to
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if you're planning to flow a super bowl party you know stress in getting the menu together. imagine being responsible for food of nearly 100,000 fans. wayne freedman has the story for us live from new orleans tonight. wayne? >> well, we'll get to the food in just a moment right now we're on horse drawn carriage. you do this? >> qle. i do. >> people pay you? to show them snefrg. >> yes. they do. there is a narrated tour. >> do you like to eat? >> love to eat. going home tonight i'll have a little bit of jambalaya i made up last night. >> for everybody else werk know what you have in store.
6:46 pm
one man, one meal. >> comes from somewhere. >> new orleans. >> somewhere over the rainbow down an elevator and into kitchens of super dome. where this task of cooking for game day has begun. >> are you nervous? >> about what? >> that is the executive chef, planning for years. >> for a lot of thus is probable lit most major event we'd do in our career autos it's either a kitchen nightmare or else, nirvana. but the scale of this operation dwarfs other autos we're going to serve over 6,000 pounds of slimp watch as the chef work was number 17 out of 35. >> you don't want to play cards against this man.
6:47 pm
do you? >> no. >> this is coming out of refrigerators they have 12. this one? meat. these are the best parts of 1200 pig who's made the sacrifice for super bowl sunday. >> poor little piggy autos lots of them. >> this batch is only 80. >> what if other people want jambalaa? >> we'll make it they are. they will to. exhaustion. >> what could you do you make at the end of the day? >> not much. >> and back live on a horse drawn carriage. we'll appreciate it. five miles per hour is a good view what. did you do before doing this for a live something. >> i used to work for espn.
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>> you did? >> go, niners. >> i could be the future. >> it could. >> and clear skies, thin, high clouds we've had those, taking a look at our percent of normal rainfall for this point, everyone around the area is above or well above average except oakland. state wide no, rain in sichlgt sunny skies and cooler, feels mimd up north. and in this bay area, a string of mild days. highs into mid-60s tomorrow, here is the accu-weather forecast. this pattern holds through monday of next week. nice weekend is ahead. >> couldn't be better.
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>> thank you. >> back to super bowl now. >> yes. and larry beil is live at the super dome. >> larry? >> yes. i got with one of my old producers and he couldn't deal with me. randy moss made news today. one, he didn't like his role on the team. and two is he the greatest and two is he the greatest receivys of walking
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to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year. visit to register or to request more information today. it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful
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one not happy with a limited role two. sai says he's the greatest receiver of all time. the frustration not all that surprising. >> no. he's had problem was every team he's been w i think we're surprised it took to this long to come out. he spoke for an hour today. and let's hear what he says. >> i do think i'm the greatest receiver to do it.
6:53 pm
and i don't live on numbers soy do think that i'm the greatest receiver to ever place plai this game. >> i've been healthy. and have come out of games i felt i didn't do anything. i want to compete and contribute to the team. for me to be here like i said, it's like a dream. i would never have thoulgt of this. you keep your fingers crossed and hope you get here, i've told myself i wanted to win on this level. so for having a super bowl ring, my career will be complete. >> and that would cap his career to get a ring f i had to rank i'd say jerry rice are the top two of their era. >> yes. yes. >> so there is a receiver not happy and a corner back who is not happy a long with randy
6:54 pm
moss, alex smith expressed displea sure, he gets a consuction. and is replaced by collin kaepernick. >> we know it's media day. podiums reserved for starters. there is -- last year, woe have been a podium guy. this is grai. i work hard and this has bnt goal since last year. did i envision myself a starter? yes. >> to me, after sunday, there will be time to think about that. >> really? >> no thought? >> no. >> he has been great and to
6:55 pm
have a veteran quarterback like that making sure you're seeing the field well is great. >> this wasn't all serious, right sf. >> no. i had fun and ran into interesting conversations in particular with ricky selleck. >> packaging was hard. and like i said a lot of chemistry, physics and path. >> have you heard about selleck's major? >> yes. packaging. what a loser what. a loser, right? what is that? it's made up. i don't think he graduated. >> oh. the honesty is what he gave us there. >> there is no doubt. >> john harbaugh talking about
6:56 pm
career prices today. >> i think it's something clever to say like president obama mentioned about not letting kids get into football. our dad won't let us get into politics. i wantedded to do that. dad said no. it's not safe. which is it probably isn't. but football has been good it has been indeed. tomorrow we'll have jack and jackie harbaugh conducting a news conference, we're looking forward to that. that is going to be fun. and. >> and people will hear what they say say there. >> larry, thank you so much, great job in new orleans there. >> yes. >> join me tonight coming up then, ties that bind. 49ers and ravens and the real
6:57 pm
life blind side players facing off at the super bowl. >> then, at 11:00 more on the search for kevin collins. it's a story we broke here and new reaction. and that does it for this edition of abc 7 news. >> from all of us here, thanks for watching. we appreciate your time. >> good night, everyone. well, well, well.
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